5 Myths about Heroin Debunked

Heroin is one of the most talked-about drugs today, due in large part to the increase in use this substance has seen in recen

Oct 5

Heroin is one of the most talked-about drugs today, due in large part to the increase in use this substance has seen in recent years. Unfortunately, the more the drug is talked about, the more misinformation gets circulated that can pose a real danger to society overall. Pasadena Recovery Center is committed to educating the public about the facts regarding heroin, by also providing some of the common myths associated with this substance.
Myth #1: Injection is the Only Way to Addiction
Heroin can be taken a number of ways, by injecting, snorting or smoking the substance. There is a mistaken belief that the only way to become addicted to heroin is by injecting it, since this method produces the most intense high. While injections do pose additional risk, such as the spread of HIV by using dirty needles, any method of consumption can lead to addiction.


Myth #2: I Can Try Heroin without Getting Addicted

There is some controversy over whether a single use of heroin can lead to addiction. While addiction is a complex process that typically develops over time, psychological dependency on the substance can indeed occur after just one use. There are plenty of former heroin addicts that report craving the drug after that very first try. In addition, users run the risk of overdosing even the first time they use the substance.


Myth #3: Recovery doesn’t Work until the User Hits “Rock Bottom”

There is a mistaken perception that people dependent on heroin and other substances cannot get effective treatment until they “lose everything” due to their addiction. However, no one has to wait to bottom out to seek the help they need. In fact, treatment programs tend to be more successful the earlier they are started. It’s never too early (or too late) to seek professional help for overcoming a substance addiction.


Myth #4: Insurance won’t Cover Heroin Addiction Treatment

People struggling with a heroin addiction may hesitate to see treatment because they assume they cannot afford it. However, the Affordable Care Act now lists substance abuse as one of the 10 elements of essential health benefits, which means insurance providers must include coverage for substance use disorders. Check with your insurance provider to see what type of coverage is available for treatment programs and then seek out the program that will meet your needs best.


Myth #5: Recovery from Addiction is Rare

Sadly, this common myth assumes that people that get addicted to heroin are mostly beyond help, which could not be further from the truth. In fact, most treatment facilities boast relatively high recovery rates compared to their relapse rates. Even when a former heroin addict does relapse, that might entail one or two uses of the substance rather than another full-blown addiction. Assuming that recovery won’t work is no reason to avoid seeking treatment at all.

The fact is that heroin is a highly addictive, dangerous substance that has seen a resurgence in recent years. In some cases, it is due to the escalating problem of prescription drug dependency facing this country today. Other times, it is simply the fact that the substance has become more widely available on the street once again.

Heroin is a potentially lethal substance that takes lives every day. If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin dependency, the time to seek help is now. Contact Pasadena Recovery Center today at 866-663-3030.

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