5 Myths About Marijuana

In this day of age with Facebook, television and every form of the World Wide Web, it’s hard to avoid the media. Whether th

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In this day of age with Facebook, television and every form of the World Wide Web, it’s hard to avoid the media. Whether there is some poorly constructed advertisement or some form of political propaganda going on- the news is everywhere. With the recent elections and our eccentric presidential crisis, there has been a lot of reports about “fake media” flowing about. Nothing has changed in regards to the media and they’re authenticity though, Trump just happened to be the one to finally blow the whistle on such affairs.

The point being is that with all the fake media and news reports that have been circulating, one can’t help but curious as to what fact and opinions to actually listen to. It’s easy to start a rumor or tell a lie that gets out of hand like spreading wildfire. Unfortunately, evidence has to build up sometimes and we have to go with our gut instinct on what to believe. This can be most certainly true when discussing myths about marijuana. Cannabis is a substance that has been around for hundreds of years making it seem harmless. The myths about marijuana make it seem less serious, but for any addict or alcoholic, the results can be as severe as any other substance.

Stealthy Drugs

This being said, we’re going to start out our myths about marijuana while remembering nicotine is a drug too. No, it is not a narcotic and people don’t usually rob a bank to support this habit, but it is a mind-altering substance none the less. It is widely believed that quitting cigarette smoking is one of the hardest toxins to give up. Doctors used to recommend smoking for health benefits- I mean c’mon. Mentally the withdrawals from nicotine will have you stressed and on edge. The problem that nicotine and marijuana share in common specifically is that they are socially acceptable. Anybody can light up a cigarette or joint in public and there are no ramifications like there would be if somebody was smoking a big fat bag of crystal meth on the corner.

Actually just to pour Listerine on that revelation, marijuana contains many of the same harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, including tar and carbon monoxide. In fact, marijuana users consume higher levels of these chemicals than cigarette smokers, increasing their risks for lung damage and some types of cancers. In addition, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that smoking marijuana can significantly damage the respiratory system at a fairly young age and that 3-4 joints can do as much damage as up to 20 cigarettes. This drug being good for you is just one of the many myths about marijuana.

marijuana leaves

Pass on Grass

The debate for the legalization of Marijuana continues to make the headlines for a number of states. Marijuana, after some debate for years, has been left to a state by state decision on its jurisdiction and the boats have begun to rock.

For many, it seems very irresponsible to open up the legalities of a threatening drug while the United States has already been in a growing addiction crisis the last decade or so. The opioid epidemic is growing and legalizing various forms of THC is more or less condoning the debauchery and alcoholic thinking that is rampantly taking over the great nation. They say marijuana is okay, whoever “they” are, but there are a lot of negative outlooks on the popular drug as well. Just a few of the myths about marijuana out there are:

  •         Marijuana is a Safe Drug
  •         Not as bad as Cigarettes
  •         It’s Non-Addictive
  •         Marijuana has Medicinal Benefits
  •         No One Dies from Using It

The Devils Lettuce

Everybody on these planets who has ever lived and/or are currently living is completely different than the last. Sure we all share some basic instincts and similarities- but we are all genetically different beings different stories to tell. It’s simple for somebody to say they love vanilla ice cream and hate chocolate while somebody scratches their head pondering how somebody could dislike chocolate. The same goes for myths about marijuana or any other substances: what’s your experience isn’t necessarily my experience.

Marijuana is said to be a safer drug to consume by many, but the reality of it is that is it is still a drug through and through. It’s amazing the things we rationalize and condone based off popular vote. Human beings can be sheep at their most ignorant and blissful of moments.

No Drugs are “Safe”

It is true that marijuana may not be as physically addictive as other drugs. However, the drug does meet the following criteria for dependence outlined by the American Psychiatric Association:

  • Giving up other activities for marijuana use
  • Needing more of the substance to get the same effects (tolerance)
  • Using the drug even if it is causing personal or professional problems
  • Withdrawal symptoms if the drug is stopped

The risk for marijuana addiction increases when the drug is started at a younger age. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, one in six teens that uses marijuana will become dependent on the drug.

To the widespread disbelief of many, people do die off of smoking or ingesting cannabis. Typically they do not die from the overdose premonitions that other drugs propose, but it still brings danger none the least. Marijuana impacts your judgment and reaction time, which can lead to dangers especially behind the wheel of a vehicle. Marijuana may also lead to risky sexual behavior with potentially deadly consequences. Long-term marijuana smoking can lead to diseases similar to those seen in smokers, which can be deadly in some cases. The myths about marijuana need to be debunked all around the world for the safety of our future.

Call Pasadena instead of Mary Jane

The staff at Pasadena Recovery Center has seen firsthand the devastating impacts these myths have had on marijuana users. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need a drug treatment facility, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit www.pasadenarecoverycenter.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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