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benefits of overcoming substance abuse

It may seem obvious to say there are benefits of giving up drugs or alcohol. However, the impact of overcoming substance abuse can be much more profound than you could ever imagine. Giving up the temporary high makes for long-term improvement that seeps into every aspect of your life. Check out these potential life-changing benefits of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Better Relationships

People struggling with a substance abuse disorder often find their personal relationships become strained over time. In some cases, the relationships might even end completely as those closest to you may put up some distance in hopes you will seek treatment. As sobriety becomes the norm, you may see those relationships restored as friends and family start to trust you once again.

Physical and Mental Health

Substance abuse affects your brain and the rest of your body in many ways; some of which you don’t even realize when you are in the midst of dealing with your disorder. Problems like throat and mouth damage, vitamin deficiency, loss of muscle tone and damage to the liver can be halted and even reversed in sobriety. You may also see improvement in mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, while your memory and ability to process information improves.

Less Drama

At first, you may have used alcohol or drugs to deal with your problems, but found that the substance abuse made those problems worse over time. Poor choices made while under the influence may have further exacerbated the drama in your life, while the substances made it more challenging to handle the issues without an excess of emotion. In sobriety, you may find your life is filled with much less drama, which also means more energy and peace in your life overall.

More Time

When your entire life revolves around drugs or alcohol, free time becomes a thing of the past. Most of your hours are spend getting the substance, using it and then recovering from it. When you weren’t using, you were probably thinking about the substance and planning for the next drink or hit. When the substance is gone from your life, time becomes a commodity to use constructively and positively.

Improved Appearance

Drugs and alcohol don’t just take their toll on the inside of your body; they can have a negative impact on your appearance as well. While the effects of drugs like meth are more obvious, even alcohol abuse can change your looks by dehydrating your skin and producing blood shot eyes flanked by dark circles. Even the aging process can be accelerated with substance abuse. Many of these effects reverse naturally once sobriety becomes your way of life.

Confidence, Self-Respect

There is no denying the shame of substance abuse disorders that can strip you of your confidence and your self-respect. The loss of friends and family members, the sneaking around to support your substance use and the lying about your actions have significant consequences for your self-esteem. Waking up in the morning not remembering the night before can be frightening and prevent you from forming personal and professional relationships. Once again, sobriety reverses this trend, and over time you will regain your confidence as you see how you can take control of your life once again.

Substance abuse disorders impact the lives of those struggling, often in ways they don’t even realize. If you are coping with substance abuse, help is available now. Contact Pasadena Recovery Center today at 866-663-3030.

The Experience

Admissions Process

Many people find the very idea of entering a rehab facility daunting. We at the Pasadena Recovery Center want to ease your fears and assure you that we will be here with you every step of the way. Many people believe that the hardest step is the very first one – contacting us – and then it gets progressively easier.

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Typical Day

A typical day at PRC consists of specialized groups such as Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Relationships, Relapse Prevention, Gratitude Group, Groups hosted by Mackenzie Phillips, Gary Richman, and more. Also you’ll get one-on-one counseling sessions with our specialized treatment team, as well as family sessions.

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Expert Speakers Series

At the Pasadena Recovery Center we regularly bring in community leaders and addiction experts to educate our residents, alumni and staff. For example, the Nation’s top drug official, Gil Kerlikowske (photo right), spoke about the California marijuana legalization ballot measure (Prop. 19) prior to the 2010 election.

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