7 Reasons to Seek Treatment during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically a time filled with family gatherings and fun, but for those struggling with substance abuse,

Dec 3

The holiday season is typically a time filled with family gatherings and fun, but for those struggling with substance abuse, the holidays often only serve to up the stress level of daily life. Despite the strain, it is not unusual for people dealing with abuse and addiction – as well as their loved ones – to delay addiction treatment until the holidays are over. The team at Pasadena Recovery Center has seven good reasons why seeking treatment before the holidays might be the best choice.

Stress Levels Hit Yearly Highs

Stress can be at a yearly high during the holidays, as the regular to-do list is loaded up with additional tasks like baking, shopping and wrapping. The stress of the season can be a trigger for substance use, exacerbating an abuse issue that already exists.

Family Conflicts Erupt

Family comes together during the holidays to swap stories and share memories over food-laden tables. This is also the time when conflicts and rivalries tend to shed their ugly heads, which can lead to more urges to drink and use during those family gatherings.

More Celebrating Means More Consumption

As the list of holiday festivities grows, so does the opportunity for drinking and using. It can be more difficult to stand up to temptations this time of year, which can escalate substance abuse disorders.

Loneliness is a Byproduct of Busy Holidays

For some, the busy party season is a painful reminder that family and friends do not live nearby. Loneliness is an unfortunate byproduct of the festive season for some, which can lead to excessive substance use.

DUIs and Overdoses Increase this Time of Year

Statistics show that DUIs and overdoses tend to go on the rise this time of year. Getting a loved one safely into treatment prior to this season ensures their safety throughout the holidays.

Easier to Get Time Off Work

The holiday season is often a time when work and school responsibilities tend to wane. Not only is it easier to take time off during this time of year, few will question the vacation time requested during the busy holiday season.

Insurance Deductibles are Often Met

By the end of the year, insurance deductibles are typically met. This means that if you begin your addiction treatment at this time, you will have full coverage for your treatment.

The gift of sobriety is truly the greatest gift you can give to someone you love. If you have a loved one struggling with substance addiction, now may be the right time to seek treatment. To learn more, contact Pasadena Recovery Center at 866-663-3030.

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