Why Addicts Often Don’t Feel Good Enough for Sobriety and How to Overcome That

The late great Dr. Seuss once wrote, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is fin

Nov 27

The late great Dr. Seuss once wrote, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Wise words that are heeded far and few between. To love another human being is one thing, but to love yourself or life as it comes is a completely different territory. Loving reality is better than loving the figmented subconscious Mr. Sandman puts us into each night. When you love, do you love everything?

Slip-ups and mistakes are what we do best. There’s nothing wrong with messing up and being human, but the big catch is what is derived from the situation. Life is all about making mistakes, sure, but it’s about learning to love ourselves after it’s all said and done. We can’t beat ourselves up for our past- it already happened. Most people tend to be the reaction to the bad parts of themselves. Reviewal of ourselves is vital but it’s all about progressing forward afterward.

Focusing on all the negative performances can bring anybody down. This is why it’s important to keep in mind the esteemable acts we’ve done. Confidence is instilled sometimes by recognizing the rights that have replaced the wrongs. If we fix the problem, the past does not have to be repeated. Sobriety ensures that addicts do not have to go back to the wretched misery filled hopelessness that was. To love your own life is one of the greatest freedoms you can feel. If we allow ourselves to grow, we will see that we deserve sobriety and all its attached promises.

Worth the Effort

The alcoholic synopsis of this is that many addicts believe they do not deserve the redemptive chance that recovery allows. Too many addicts wear the weight of that shame or guilt from having let somebody down- or ourselves for that matter. We must snap out of this though. Nothing is permanent in life except death. With that in mind, we are as good of people as we allow ourselves to be. Nobody is truly angelic nor are they completely evil.

There is a moral compass inside that sways our decisions like it or not. Addiction causes us to lose bearings, but sobriety helps us find them again. Addicts and alcoholics are not bad people. We are good people who have done bad things under the hypnosis of this disease. It’s not a justification, but it sure is a reason to turn it all around. We can recover and come back with acts that are opposite to that of our addiction.

And Love

A lot of our self-worth comes from that love mentioned earlier. Embracing yourself as a human being and producing the best version of yourself possible is what sobriety all boils down to. There are so many reasons to see that we are worth recovery. Some of those are as simple as:

  • Count Your Blessings
  • Seeing that Others Love Us
  • Having Opportunity to Give Back
  • Internal Happiness Does Exist
  • You are a Miracle

There’s more opportunity for good things in our life than we often perceive. You see, addicts triumph again and again through tribulations. Recognizing that you are a strong individual is another takeaway of sobriety. Again, not meant to be a rationalization but more so a point that there is always a little glimmer of light in the darkest of spots. Once you start implementing this practice of positivity, the negativity will soften. The trick is to really accept all of our strengths and our weaknesses. You are in control of your life and decide to be as happy as you want to be.

sad woman

You are the You

If we choose sobriety we will begin to see a way of life that was unimaginable beforehand. It begins with such a few simples steps- literally. We begin getting it down and becoming active members of the community. Helping others helps us. Sobriety helps to prevent selfishness and create selflessness. Our optimism and love will begin flowing out of us as life was intended to be.

A wise man once said that life is like a table set with different drinking glasses. Our job on this planet is to keep those glasses of water full for others to drink. In order to do so, we must always keep water in the pitcher. That is just one ingredient to sobriety. That metaphor is a compass for life in general. Sobriety teaches us to be the wise men and women we aspire to be. The good makes you forget about the bad, a simpleton rhetoric that stands true to the end.

Stepping Up to the Sober Plate

The guilt and shame that most of us feel from our substance-induced past is often the ridicule of our future. To overcome such takes making some changes. Recovery takes action, action, in turn, manifests change. Once we come to a place of acceptance in accordance, it is then that we will begin to feel worth it. Almost like a leap of faith if you will.

Apologizing for those guilt-ridden feelings won’t make them disappear. Stuffing them deep down won’t do anything either. Sobriety is that form of therapy that will show your worth to yourself and those around you. It will take form and become who we are if we allow it. Greener pastures are always accessible if we begin walking to them.

Know That You Are Worth the Help

It takes a lot of courage to reach deep down inside. In the end, loving yourself and knowing your importance to this world is imperative. Life isn’t always fair but it’s always worth it. Know that it’s okay to be human and if you’re struggling with addiction to reach out for help. Find that love that you truly deserve. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit www.pasadenarecoverycenter.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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