Can the New FDA Commissioner Fix Agency’s Mistakes in Opioid Crisis?

Living in a world with so much uncertainty, all creatures of this planet must pick and choose their battles wisely. How we pr

Feb 9

Living in a world with so much uncertainty, all creatures of this planet must pick and choose their battles wisely. How we prioritize what’s important to us is individualized but it all stems from a hope of some sort. Hope is what drives the introverted caterpillar to transform out its cocoon. It’s what excitedly rushes the dog to the door as you walk in with 13 bags of groceries trying not to step on his/her toes. Hope is why anyone of us wakes up each day, rolls out of bed, and put 2 feet back on the ground.

After all, it’s hoped that gets any ludicrous addict or deranged alcoholic into recovery. Hope for a new day, a new world, a new life- recovery makes all that possible. Yet if recovery is the euphoric hope that we speak of, the opioid crisis is as pessimistic as it comes. The United States has become the stomping grounds for a nation full of negative addicts ranging from teenagers to senior citizens.

With addiction having no bounds or limitations, the pharmaceutical companies have seemingly had free reign to unleash their opioid crisis upon the country. Those that are in place to protect the people have yet to make any major leaps in muting this insidious plague. So the results have been anything less than hopeful. Can the new FDA commissioner fix the agency’s mistakes with the opioid crisis?  

Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

First and foremost. The Food and Drug Administration, one of the United States government agencies put in place to protect the faltering nation, has allowed the opioid crisis to terrorize for far too long. But why? Why would the FDA only put in so much effort to stop a chemical plague that is killing everyone? For addicts, acceptance is the answer to all our problems. For most others, it’s money.  

With dollar signs past the whites of their eyes, greed is the only reason that any of this chemical warfare could’ve thriven for so long. Money is a drug that people become addicted to. They think it’ll answer all their problems. Really. It’s a sense of security that almost everybody gets high off of. To some degree, money will answer most problems too, but the question is at what cost? That same greedy, addictive mentality is what allows doctors to justify prescribing deadly prescription opioids on a daily basis or for the FDA to approve something they know shouldn’t be used in the capacity it is. Greed is an idea that always causes the addict to want more despite the consequences repeatedly occurring.

This is an eye-opening indication that the government is NOT always out to help the people. The opioid crisis is a plain example of somebody profiting off of somebody else’s misery. Whether it’s the dealer, the doctor, the pharmaceutical company, or the FDA allowing it to happen, money is the root of the motive.

At what point does human life equal more than a few zeros?  

Call the FDA Before Everybody’s DOA

So while overdose statistics have dramatically risen the last few years due to the growing opioid crisis, the FDA has just kind of sat by allowing different forms of opioids to excel. Oxycontin, being one of the biggest destructors, was a painkiller that was let loose onto the world in the 1990’s. It took the better part of a decade before the FDA added stronger warning labels to Oxycontin and reduced the reasons the powerful opioid was to be prescribed.   

Meanwhile, other opioids were introduced and the pharmaceutical companies began their rise to power. A few of the other major opioids increasing overdose rates the last few years include:

  • Fentanyl
  • Carfentanil
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Codeine/Cough Syrup

Together this entourage of narcotics has blossomed the opioid crisis we all fear today. While the prescriptions increase, the numbers for death follow shortly behind.  

Faith in Gottlieb?    

Our quirky President and his questionable methods may have done something right by nominating Scott Gottlieb. Immediately upon entering the office, Gottlieb pulled a powerful opioid called Opana off of the market. Shortly after, the new FDA commissioner also changed regulations on children’s cough syrup and its prescription limitations. Both of these are wonderful signs that maybe the Trump administration is finally putting its foot down for the “state of emergency” we’ve been declared under because of the opioid crisis. Maybe there’s finally somebody running things for the FDA with no connections to dirty doctors or the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing all the garbage.

Even with the FDA stepping, it’s game up, there is still much to do to reverse the opioid crisis and the extent to which it’s wounded America. In a world full of addicts with the odds against them, a few of the things needed to combat the epidemic sweeping the nation include:

  • New Pharmaceutical Distribution Laws
  • Affordable Detox Programs
  • Accessible Insurance Policies
  • More Treatment Services
  • Widespread Recognition of Alcoholism as a Disease

It would be remarkable to see how much could change with more addiction treatment services made available. Prevention really is the key that could’ve avoided all of this in the first place. Addiction may never go anywhere and there may never be a cure, but painkillers fueling the addiction can certainly disappear. Maybe Gottlieb has some more tricks up his sleeve for the FDA to really start cracking down. Who knows? All we can do is spread the message of recovery and hope.

Fix Yourself

We all lead different lives, but at the end of the day, a lot of us deal with similar issues. Addiction in any form is an issue that will ruin every aspect of your life if you allow it. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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