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Painkiller Addiction 

The opioid epidemic that the United States currently faces has been largely driven by prescription painkillers and the effects that these drugs have had on millions of Americans. Since the introduction of certain painkillers in the late 1990s, opioid abuse and opioid-related overdoses have risen dramatically, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the shattered lives of millions more.

Many of these individuals received these painkillers from their doctors, for actual medical reasons, but yet over time they found that latent substance abuse tendencies or physical dependence had set in, and when this occurred they were already well within the snare of addiction. At this point, many facing the uncomfortability of withdrawal symptoms, made the decision to continue on with their addiction, seeking out similar substances on the street, or shopping around for doctors who could fulfill their need for painkillers. These individuals, many of whom had no prior experience with addiction, began to run afoul of the law and began to realize the full weight of what it meant to be addicted.

Placed in this horrifying position many of these potential and real addicts, hide their addiction away, as addicts tend to do. They did everything in their power to continue to live two lives, one where they fed their addiction and what it required of them, and another whether they put on the mask of stability and “normalcy”. The stress that the living of two lives causes can be overwhelming, which in turn caused people to either seek help or fall further into their addiction.

Breaking free from a painkiller addiction can be very difficult, as the opioids in these substances are incredibly powerful and incredibly addictive, but at our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center, we seek to help you through your addiction and make it out the other side to a life of recovery. We understand how hard it can be to ask for help and we know what it is like to live day in and day out with the fear that withdrawal symptoms will occur. At our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center we are here to help you every step of the way in your new journey towards sobriety.

What is a Painkiller Addiction?

Painkiller addiction, like the kind we treat at our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center, can be tricky to diagnose and even trickier to treat. For one, many of the individuals who become addicted to painkillers are first prescribed them by a doctor and so they believe that since these medications are received through proper medical channels, they can’t be harmful or addictive.

The reality of the situation is the painkillers, especially some of the more recently developed ones, are some of the most addictive substances on the planet and a person can become addicted to them in a relative short period of time. Many doctors are now educated in telling individuals who receive painkillers that they are powerful substances and should not be used lightly, but with that said, many people fall into the addiction without even being aware.

It is important to note as well that physical dependency and addiction are not the same thing. An individual can be physically dependent on a substance but not be addicted to it, and this is because addiction is not simply a matter of a physical reaction to a substance, but rather it has a psychological basis as well. An individual who has an addiction to painkillers, like the kind we treat at our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center, will experience an intense physical compulsion to use, but this will also be coupled with a mental obsession that is not easily broken. In order for them to overcome their addiction, many times medical and psychological interventions are necessary.

Signs of a Painkiller Addiction

While it is not always easy to tell if you have a problem with a painkiller addiction, at our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center, our staff is well equipped to help you find the answer to this. Although addiction can only be treated once a self-diagnosis is made, understanding that you do not have control over your usage is an integral part of the recovery process.

An individual must be convinced, on some level, that they are incapable of using substances, because they suffer from addiction, and many times this realization does not occur until after they have had the substances removed from their system.

They will begin to understand that their mind works in such a way where they crave substances, even though they know they are bad for them. They will begin to see that the painkillers were the basis for their downfall and that it was not, in fact, other motivating factors like they once believed. When this is discovered, recovery is then possible and the staff at our Pasadena, California Painkiller Addiction treatment center will be there to help you navigate through early recovery.

Seeking Treatment for a Painkiller Addiction in Pasadena, California

If you believe that you may have a problem with painkillers and you think that you may need to seek help, then call the professionals at Pasadena Recovery Center today at 1-866-663-3030. Our trained staff is well aware of how difficult it can be to ask for help and we understand that leaving behind a life of addiction for a life of recovery can be tremendously frightening. We are here to help you in any way we can through this trying and difficult time, so give us a call today and take the first step towards a new life of sobriety.


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    Dr. Drew Pinsky
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    Former Ultimate Fighting Champion Ricco Rodriguez
  • It’s truly been a miraculous journey for me and I remember how hopeless I felt during my early days of recovery at PRC. Bless you for all you do.

    Michael P.
  • I am doing great, still sober. My wife now trusts me with my kids even alone…Life is much better today for me. I took a new role at my job that I absolutely love! I am grateful for PRC and the tools shown to me.

    Arthur Rivera
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