How Fentanyl Changed the Heroin Game

Life: a giant conundrum of adjacent problems and solutions that we spend our entire span trying to sync them together. As lon

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Life: a giant conundrum of adjacent problems and solutions that we spend our entire span trying to sync them together. As long as we are not just some bump on a log hiding from the experience of life, there are infinite surprises to come across as we walk into the unknown. One thing for certain about the unforeseeable future is that the issues will never stop expanding. Life loves to test people- that’s why they call it a game. So we must test life back!

Some handle their burdens by screaming into a pillow. Some play the game by going to the gym and vigorously strike a punching bag for hours at a time. Then there are the addicts. The ones doomed to drown in the quicksand of alcoholic thinking. We handle all our problems in life by turning to this onslaught of chemicals for this tiny bit of relief. We recognize that it’s not solving any issues, but there is a mental obsession in alcoholic minded people that convinces us otherwise. It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish rational from irrational.

Substances will only mask that pain. Emotional or physical, it will always return. Narcotics like heroin and/or fentanyl are the duct tape of the addiction world. They only last for so long before problems like drug withdrawal, addiction, and side effects begin to take over. Partnered together, these two drugs are an unstoppable chemical force taking out the nation one addict at a time. The dangers of opioids are always looming if you decide to mess with the powers that be. There is always a price to be paid. It’s kind of like asking how much is your soul worth?


fentanyl drug addict
Pain Killer or Pain Creator?

In all reality, the dangers of fentanyl and heroin tower over that of most other narcotics. We all know heroin to be an illegal street drug, but fentanyl is something that is supposed to help people in pain right? In theory yes, in practice no. The hardcore opioid is usually used only in extreme medical situations; part in due to its abnormally high effectiveness. Unfortunately, the drug is often abused for its euphoric properties and ends up in the streets just as much as it’s cousin.

Let’s say heroin is the mild-mannered cousin and Fentanyl is the ugly wildcard of a relative that should be avoided. That’s saying something right there. This hospital strength painkiller is stronger and technically legal- thus making is a huge problem for law enforcement. Fentanyl brings along an arsenal of issues that will only be added to your pre-existing issues. Some of the factors that make most addicts rue the day they met Fentanyl include it’s:

  • Highly Addictive Qualities
  • Induced Health Complications
  • Risky Potency
  • Quick Manifesting Tolerance
  • Accessibility

In many many cases, dealers will cut their heroin with fentanyl just to make their product that much stronger. This creates a scenario where countless addicts are going out to buy a product much stronger than expected. The overdoses have only just begun and the deaths from Fentanyl cut heroin don’t end there. Even in many legal situations, death occurs accidentally or negligently. In professional settings, improper medical use or distribution of the alleged narcotic create unexpected death every single day. The product comes in many different forms including patches, lollipops, IV liquid form, or even in standardized pill form. It’s almost like they’re just telling addicts to pick how you want to die.


Cutting Life by Cutting Heroin

Records show that the dangers of Fentanyl are 50 to 100 times stronger to that of just morphine or heroin in some cases. The chemical makeup of Fentanyl was to be a medical pain reliever that would be administered in situations needing to hit the patient as quickly and strongly as possible. In correlation, it is a narcotic that does not usually last for too long. This is why it is changing the heroin game.

Due to Fentanyl’s strongman deliverance and short lifespan, the demand now rises with the supply. Most addicts are oblivious that because the feeling has worn off doesn’t mean the drug has dissipated in your bloodstream. As the strong effects where off, so does the high and many addicts find themselves overdosing because of the new opiate equation they need to adhere to. The reality of the circumstance is that different people will become addicted at different rates. Nobody goes through the same addiction because everybody’s addiction is their own. Do not be mistaken though, everybody will eventually wind up in the same boat with continued Fentanyl and heroin abuse.


Opioid Torture

The stronger the heroin- the more sales though. Dealers will not show remorse because their “super dope” has you in a world of torment and agony. Ironically they make more money from people spreading the word that they have a batch of heroin that kills. It’s a messed up world we live in. If not overdose, respiratory distress, and heart failure are always close behind while dancing with this devil. They won’t show remorse and neither will the potent narcotic itself.

Fentanyl will undoubtedly steal your soul as it creates an entirely different being out of the shell that once was. With this continued abuse comes varying levels of paranoia and delusions. Sometimes our personalities will change as we struggle to recognize the individual in the mirror. Social withdrawal and isolation will take place. Motivation and self-esteem will begin to flap around in the wind. To think that we thought we had issues beforehand. Jeez. Some of us would do anything to return to the simplicity of those days. The problems were so minuscule back then. Fentanyl sure has changed the heroin game, and at this point, it’s a game better left unplayed. Think Jumanji.


The Dangers Are Everywhere

Be it fentanyl or any other narcotic, addiction is a brutal disease that will take over every aspect of your life. The dangers of opioids will more than likely always be present, but there is a solution to any mess we find ourselves in. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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