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PRC Alumni Group is once again gaining momentum, raising money, growing in recovery! Our PRC Alumni Group was formed in order

Apr 17

PRC Alumni Group is once again gaining momentum, raising money, growing in recovery!

Our PRC Alumni Group was formed in order to provide support and encouragement for current residents of Pasadena Recovery Center. Past PRC clients realize the importance of staying close to the program and each other to help them stay clean and sober while also enjoying the fun and benefits of sobriety. We remember the often terrifying experience of being in rehab, along with the uncertainty of the future.

At PRC, we’re moving forward with fundraising efforts and plans for future events benefiting current residents, such as a Memorial Day BBQ, 4th of July and other holiday celebrations and movie outings. As a group, we want others to be comfortable sharing their experiences, strengths and hopes with residents and families, and more.

Alumni Car Wash

The Alumni Group is open to all former residents who have successfully completed the program at PRC and are currently clean and sober. We realize relapse is often part of the disease. If relapse is a part of your story you as still welcome – as long as you are back on the road to recovery.

If you are a former client and are interested in joining The PRC Alumni Group or if you would like to support the Alumni Group, please send an email with your contact information to:

Alumni Groups recent fundraiser car wash was held at PRC April 5th. More fundraising opportunities coming.

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Take a look at some testimonials from clients who have completed our program and found a new way of life through Pasadena Recovery Center!

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  • [Shelly Sprague] did an amazing job with [Seth Binzer] and he’s here and alive because of you, frankly. And that’s the truth. You took the punches and I appreciate it.

    Dr. Drew Pinsky
  • Shelly the Shark, she always has the answers to everything. I want to thank you for being so tough on me

    Former Ultimate Fighting Champion Ricco Rodriguez
  • It’s truly been a miraculous journey for me and I remember how hopeless I felt during my early days of recovery at PRC. Bless you for all you do.

    Michael P.
  • I am doing great, still sober. My wife now trusts me with my kids even alone…Life is much better today for me. I took a new role at my job that I absolutely love! I am grateful for PRC and the tools shown to me.

    Arthur Rivera
  • I learned more during last nights Family Program in the 1 hour and 45 minutes than I did in the 30 hours I spent at another Centers Family Program. If I knew then, what I know now we would have been at PRC first

    Jean Campbell-Morgan

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