What are Research Chemicals and How do People Abuse Them?

When we think of the future, we tend to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. At best we imagine a Disney like reality

Oct 12

When we think of the future, we tend to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. At best we imagine a Disney like reality mixed with a Jetsons’ utopia. That’s not asking for too much considering the scientific and technological advances of mankind over the last couple centuries. Can you just picture it?

With nearing 8 billion people on this planet the possibilities are astronomical. People like Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity- allegedly. Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web.  Percy Spencer even created the microwave by accidentally melting a candy bar in his pocket. However, none of these things occurred overnight. There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into the manifestation of some of these inventions we take for granted in our 21st century. Sadly, not all projects have that “Disney-esque” happy and productive ending to them.

Through all the trial and error of modern medicine and general inquisitiveness, various research chemicals were tested while the results were let loose into the unsuspecting world. In time, it was found that some specific compounds (not meant for human consumption), when mixed together would create a euphoria similar to that of the scheduled substances we know and love today. The same substances that familiarize all addicts/alcoholics with the jails, institutions, and death that so many are accustomed to.  Research chemicals are essentially what they sound like: toxicants still being studied with unknown possible side-effects. The highs may be high, but so are the risks.

Dr. Frankenstein Drugs

Research chemicals are just a compilation of chemicals that are thrown together in an impulsive mix of “let’s try it and see what happens”. Good and bad is spawned from this process. Many synthetic drugs that are used on the street today have been created in an accidental hypothesis/conclusion format with test subjects in laboratories. With all the diverse minds out there, sometimes curiosity does catch the cat. However, addiction is what kills it- curiosity is just framed.   

Much of the time research chemicals create more problems than the illicit narcotics that we are used to reading about. The thing is there is no way of knowing what is in the substance completely upon administering it. The combinational possibilities of what chemicals can be used are limitless. In some cases, some research chemicals will have traces of Windex, Bleach, or a slew of other bathroom cleaning products chocked full of who knows what. Many addicts aren’t doing MDMA anymore but MDA: Most Damn Anything.

The Higher You Go, The Further the Fall

For addicts and alcoholics, getting high is a slippery slope downhill. This is a type of being inflicted with a disease that allows them to consciously ravage their lives. The worst part about the disease is that it convinces its host that it’s not even there. Everybody else and their accusations are completely ludicrous- while we are the ones that are pumping toilet cleaner into our bloodstream.

Research chemicals have gained mainstream fame amongst even the classiest of alcoholic thinkers and junkies alike thru their diversity. Those stuck in active addiction end up using research chemicals for a number of reasons such as:

  • Legalities due to Classification
  • Cheaper
  • More Difficult to Detect
  • Alternative Options of Getting High
  • Easier Access

While the recipes remain endless, it’s tough for the DEA or local law enforcement to look for something that doesn’t have an image to it. The elemental mutations that can occur from a few changes make some of these research chemicals camouflaged.


Guinea Pig Drugs

Not all of these research chemicals are mysterious “Batman-like” unknowns. A vast majority of them are drugs that we have seen make the headlines over the last couple of years and are classified as illegal scheduled substances. Some of these nasty narcotics include:

  • A variety of Amphetamines
  • 4-fluor
  • 2C-B
  • DMT
  • LSD or LSZ
  • 6-APB or 5-APB
  • MDMA or MDMC

With names like that- it makes you wonder why anybody would even want to chance eating chemicals doses of the alphabet. Some of the narcotics and the effects that proceed seem kind of intimidating- but then again, addicts and alcoholics will do anything they need to when the obsession beckons for its timely feeding. With a lot of drugs, there is the possibility of certain side effects from usage. With research chemicals, those side effects exist, but they are known unknowns. These are knowns that exist but the extent of the symptoms is unknown. Doesn’t seem too worth it huh?

Gucci Drugs

Some of the research chemicals out there are known as designer drugs. These are basically research chemicals that don’t abuse the terminology and have had a little bit of research done to them. This is no way, shape, or form makes them any safer. Designer drugs were legal in a lot of smart and head shops until 2004 when new legislation was passed recognizing the dangers of some of these newly approved FDA unregulated drugs hitting the shelves.

Now a day, these designer drugs paved the roads for some other research chemicals that we’re expanded upon and later to come. The disease of addiction and the rise of greed are what allow this to happen. Prohibition proved that making something illegal will not stop the supply when there is a demand for it. Alcoholic thinking will always find a way thru the cracks. Addiction is addiction and the only solution to muting the madness is recovery or death. Hopefully, most don’t pick the latter.

Enough is Enough

Nearly all research chemicals are addictive and will ruin any unsuspecting life if given the opportunity. Life is about taking chances, sure, but some risks are not even remotely worth it. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit www.pasadenarecoverycenter.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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