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Due to the fact that alcohol is legal, many people underestimate how powerful of a drug it is and they would be surprised to learn that on average 100,000 people die every year from alcohol-related causes. Some of these deaths are the direct result of medical complications due to alcoholism, while many more involve drunk driving accidents that end in fatalities. Yet as a society we often times do not see alcohol for it is, a powerful substance that should not be used or thought of lightly.

To this regard, alcohol is also one of the most dangerous drugs to detox from, and many of the symptoms associated with its withdrawal can result in death if professional help, like the kind offered at our Pasadena, California Alcohol Detox, is not sought. It is extremely important to understand that you never should attempt to detox from alcohol alone, so if you are thinking about finally quitting drinking, give our Pasadena, California Alcohol Detox center a call today.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

At our Pasadena, California Alcohol Detox we specialize in helping people safely detox from alcohol. Whenever an individual makes the decision to quit drinking it is imperative that have the proper medical supervision available to them so that they can have access to any medications they may need, or have medical staff present in case complications arise. Without professional help, like that which is offered at our Pasadena, California Alcohol Detox, you run the risk of having seizures or other serious medical complications that could unnecessarily put your life at risk.

Below is a list of some of the common symptoms that people experience when detoxing from alcohol.

  •      Delirium tremens

Delirium tremens is described as a psychotic condition typical of withdrawal in chronic alcoholics, involving tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, and disorientation. People who experience delirium tremens will often describe seeing vivid hallucinations that they cannot differentiate from real life. A person experiencing Delirium tremens is considered to be having a medical emergency and this why it is important you seek professional medical help, like our Pasadena, California Alcohol Detox if you are planning on quitting drinking.

  •      Insomnia

While insomnia is not considered imminently dangerous to a person withdrawing from alcohol, it can cause hallucinations or cause an individual to go back to drinking if it is not treated properly. Many times when alcoholics experience this withdrawal symptom they will go back to drinking in order to be able to sleep, but with the proper medication and the proper medical supervision, this can be avoided.

  •      Vomiting or Nausea

Vomiting or nausea usually are not life threatening, but when combined with the other symptoms of alcohol detox it can lead to further complications. For instance, if a person is suffering from delirium tremens and their mind is so altered that they are incapable of caring for themselves then they could possibly choke or become dehydrated to the point where their life is in danger.

  •      Shaking or trembling

For chronic alcoholics shaking or trembling is an almost daily occurrence. Many will describe how they had to drink in the morning just to keep their hands steady and when this begins to occur, they need to seek professional help, like our Pasadena, California Alcohol detox, in order to stop drinking. If you are a morning drinker, and you drink in order to stop the shaking, then you should seek medical assistance sooner rather than later.

  •      Seizures

Besides delirium tremens, seizures are probably the most dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Seizures can occur as the direct result of stopping drinking and an individual is most likely to experience one 12 to 48 hours after their last drink. Seizures can result in permanent injury or death and there is also the possibility that you will fall and hit your head, causing further damage.

  •      Depression

Depression is an underestimated symptom of withdrawal from alcohol. It can lead to such severe feelings of despair that an individual will go back to drinking in order to feel some relief. Feeling completely hopeless while also experiencing the physical aspects of alcohol withdrawal can be a dangerous combination and so it is important to have the proper supervision in place.

Finding the Right Alcohol Detox in Pasadena California

If you believe that you may have a problem with alcoholism and you think that you may need to seek help, then call the professionals at Pasadena Recovery Center today at 1-866-663-3030. Our trained staff is well aware of how difficult it can be to ask for help and we understand that leaving behind a life of addiction for a life of recovery can be tremendously frightening. We are here to help you in any way we can through this trying and difficult time, so give us a call today and take the first step towards a new life of sobriety.

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