Holistic Therapy for Addiction in Pasadena

Addiction is an illness that affects an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Their body is harshly taxed due to the constant stream of foreign substances that it has to process, their mind is greatly affected due to these substances and the stress that addiction can bring, and often times their spirit is broken as they are cut off from relationships with their fellows and anything having to do with spirituality.

What this means is that in order for a person to overcome their addiction they must be treated: mind, body, and spirit. Their body must be rid of the substances if recovery is to take place, their mind must learn to process past traumas and anxieties, and if recovery is to truly flourish their spirit must also be mended, so that they can begin to reconnect with themselves and others.

One of the ways that that all of this can be accomplished within the realm of treatment is through massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction. While it may simply seem like pampering for the addict or alcoholic, massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction can help to not only allow the body to heal, but give the mind and spirit a much-needed reprieve as well.

Individuals who receive massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction have said that they felt lighter after receiving these treatments and that it allowed them to relax during the often stressful experience of early sobriety.

At Pasadena Recovery center we believe that offering massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction to all of our clients gives them the best chance at recovering from their addiction, by giving them a respite for their worries, which in turn allows them to refocus on their recovery.

Massage Therapy in Addiction Treatment

It has been proven that massage therapy helps to alleviate physical pain and anxiety and encourages the relaxation of muscle tension, which many people who come into recovery are in desperate need of. For years they have been carrying around the stress of addiction and since they may have not learned ways to release this tension, massage therapy can help them to do so.

In the past what many of these individuals would do is use drugs or alcohol as a means to alleviate their anxieties and stress, but now sober they are left woefully inept at calming themselves down or relaxing. With the introduction of massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction into their lives, they are given the ability to let go for an hour or so and relax in the present moment, rather than worry about the past or future.

Many people who come into treatment are unaware that their body has been taxed to the extent that it has been, until after the have their first massage. They may notice that after the massage their neck and shoulders do not feel so tight and they experience a sense of wellbeing that they haven’t had in quite some time. Some even say that after a massage therapy, acupuncture for addiction session the worries that had plagued them for so long, no longer seem so big, and that they were able to finally relax for the first time in years.

Massage therapy can also help to reduce pain, which is something that many people in recovery experience, by moving around muscles that may be in the wrong position, or by helping a person to relax. Many people who come into recovery are in physical pain of one kind or another. Their addiction may have started with this pain, or they may have developed it through the course of their addiction, but in order to help them achieve lasting recovery, it must be dealt with.

Acupuncture in Addiction Treatment

Acupuncture is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that uses needles that are placed into the skin at certain points on the body, in order to get a variety of results.  Acupuncture has been known to help with muscle spasms and pain, headaches, stomach problems, mood disorders and depressions, and even arthritis.

Many people are skeptical of acupuncture the first time that they try it, as having needles placed in the body can make anyone squeamish, but it is a pain-free experience, and many times individuals feel relaxed and healthier afterwards.

Finding the Right Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

If you believe that you may have a problem with alcoholism or addiction and you think that you may need to seek help, then call the professionals at Pasadena Recovery Center today at 1-866-663-3030. Our trained staff is well aware of how difficult it can be to ask for help and we understand that leaving behind a life of addiction for a life of recovery can be tremendously frightening. We are here to help you in any way we can through this trying and difficult time, so give us a call today and take the first step towards a new life of sobriety.

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  • [Shelly Sprague] did an amazing job with [Seth Binzer] and he’s here and alive because of you, frankly. And that’s the truth. You took the punches and I appreciate it.

    Dr. Drew Pinsky
  • Shelly the Shark, she always has the answers to everything. I want to thank you for being so tough on me

    Former Ultimate Fighting Champion Ricco Rodriguez
  • It’s truly been a miraculous journey for me and I remember how hopeless I felt during my early days of recovery at PRC. Bless you for all you do.

    Michael P.
  • I am doing great, still sober. My wife now trusts me with my kids even alone…Life is much better today for me. I took a new role at my job that I absolutely love! I am grateful for PRC and the tools shown to me.

    Arthur Rivera
  • I learned more during last nights Family Program in the 1 hour and 45 minutes than I did in the 30 hours I spent at another Centers Family Program. If I knew then, what I know now we would have been at PRC first

    Jean Campbell-Morgan

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