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Many individuals tend to associate addiction with its physical effects, which includes the weakening of the immune system, damage to bodily organs and systems, and general loss of wellness. However, there are many other effects that result from addiction, extending far beyond the physical. Moreover, addiction is a disease that affects the entire demographic spectrum: men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. But with treatment for women being such a common fixture among specialty treatment programs, it’s important for men to have access to high-quality treatment that’s capable of addressing the specific recovery needs many men have. At Pasadena Recovery Center located in Pasadena, California, we offer men’s addiction treatment that’s unique in its approach to addressing men’s social, emotional, and physiological needs as part of the recovery process.

How is Mens Addiction Treatment Different?

Historically, addiction treatment programs have been more general than specific in an effort to appeal to the broadest possible audience. To an extent, a generalized approach is understandable since there are certain facets of addiction that are nearly universal: For instance, virtually everyone who develops a substance abuse problem will experience some level of deterioration in physical health, irregular emotional state, difficulties with relationships and career, and so on. The problem with generalizing the recovery process is that it often leaves individuals with certain needs that aren’t addressed over the course of the recovery process, which leaves them vulnerable to relapse in the future.
There are many ways to make an addiction treatment program that’s more specialized with gender-specific treatment being just one of the many possible ways. Of course, many of us have at least heard of women’s addiction treatment, but it’s somewhat less common for there to be programs geared toward men who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. So how, exactly, is a men’s addiction treatment program different from women’s programs or even more general programs for both men and women?
To understand how a men’s recovery program differs from other programs, we must first consider the circumstances and societal place of men as well as some of the most fundamental differences between men and women. As an obvious example, one of the most common influences of society on men is a tendency for men to be made to feel like they shouldn’t share their thoughts or emotions as this was previously viewed as being a feminine trait. So one of the key components of a men’s substance abuse treatment program is to encourage men to be more expressive and vocal about their thoughts and feelings; not only is it healthy to express these things, but being more communicative will be invaluable as men in recovery move forward and encounter stress, anxiety, and hardships with which they must cope without resorting to alcohol or drugs.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Men

As with all our programs, the men’s addiction treatment program at Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California, is built on a foundation of psychotherapy and one-on-one counseling. So-called “talk therapy” has long been an essential part of addiction rehabilitation because it helps patients to (a) better understand the circumstances and factors that led to the development of their addictions and (b) develop strategies for overcoming those factors to minimize the likelihood of relapse in the future. But in addition to the essential components of effective addiction treatment, the curriculum of our men’s program has been tailored to reflect the unique social, political, and economic conditions in which many men find themselves today.
Men are often raised to be strong, independent, self-sufficient individuals and, consequently, they are often reluctant to ask for help or express their emotions. In fact, it’s quite common for men to be in denial of any substance abuse, psychological, emotional, or physical health problems they may be facing. Since being able to communicate and ask for help are two essential skills when it comes to the longevity of one’s recovery, our men’s program emphasizes healthy and effective communication for men as well as overall self-acceptance.
One of the most common causes of addiction for men is the use of alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. As such, teaching helpful coping skills and strategies is another key area of emphasis for our men’s program. Although helping our male patients to achieve sobriety is an important part of the recovery process, learning how to maintain that sobriety is of equal importance.

What to Expect From Men’s Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, California

Much of our men’s addiction treatment program overlaps with our other programs because there are certain components that are considered staples for recovery. For instance, psychotherapy and one-on-one counseling are viewed as being vital for the reasons expressed above. Additionally, group therapies — psychoeducational and interpersonal process groups — are another prominent component of our men’s program. With our individual and group therapies, patients will learn about how and why their addictions developed, the implications of their substance abuse problems in their overall lives, and how to mitigate the circumstances that led to the development of addiction to minimize the likelihood of relapse in the future.
Additionally, our men’s program in Pasadena, California, presents patients with an opportunity to address gender-specific cultural issues and re-assess their places in their respective communities as well as in society at large. Throughout this process, patients are encouraged to forge connections with fellow patients, which presents an opportunity to hone communication skills and learn how to offer/receive support to others in recovery.

Men’s Addiction Treatment at Pasadena Recovery Center

The Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California, strives for excellence in addiction treatment through the utilization of proven therapeutic techniques and modalities. Beyond utilizing proven treatment methods, we offer patients a variety of holistic, experiential, and complementary therapies with which to personalize the recovery experience. In short, the ultimate goal is to ensure that each patient is provided with all the tools and knowledge needed to achieve total wellness and lasting sobriety.
If you would like to learn more about our men’s addiction treatment program or to inquire about one of our other programs, call Pasadena Recovery Center at 866-663-3030. Whether it’s day or night, staff members are available anytime, ready to help you or your loved one begin the healing journey, so call today to schedule a free consultation.

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    Dr. Drew Pinsky
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    Arthur Rivera
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