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Although the effects of addiction can be seen at the community and societal levels, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease. Specifically, addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that has ravaged the entire demographic spectrum; both men and women of all ages and from all walks of life have fallen prey to the destructive power of substance abuse. Fortunately, there are resources available to help those who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction to regain their lost health. At the Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California, we offer a women’s program for addiction rehabilitation, affording women suffering from substance abuse problems with an opportunity to overcome this deadly disease via a program that can account for women’s unique social and cultural circumstances.

Benefits of Women’s Treatment for Addiction

When it comes to the effects of addiction, there are a number of effects that both men and women experience. However, there are still some aspects of addiction — from the development of addiction through the recovery process — that differ between women and men, which is why women’s treatment for addiction tends to be the preferred means of recovery for females who suffer from substance abuse problems.
From a cultural perspective, women don’t traditionally have the difficulties with communicating their thoughts and feelings that men tend to exhibit; however, there are certain gender-specific social issues that are more frequently faced by women than men, and these gender-specific issues are often a focus of our women’s treatment for addiction in Pasadena, California. An example of one of these gender-specific issues would be victimization. According to research, women are the victims of violent and/or sexual crimes much more frequently than men, so coping with post-traumatic stress resulting from victimization is one possible focus of our women’s program and, likewise, is certainly one of the biggest benefits of women’s treatment.
Beyond helping women to overcome their substance abuse problems, our women’s treatment program for addiction helps women to develop a stronger sense of self and higher self-esteem. As they complete the program and return to their respective communities, we want our patients to feel empowered and capable of utilizing a variety of relapse-prevention techniques to protect their newfound sobriety.

How is Women’s Addiction Treatment Different?

When we think about the effects of addiction, we oftentimes associate the physical effects most readily. However, alcoholism and drug addiction cause much more than the loss of one’s physical health. In fact, addiction has been implicated with a wide variety of effects, which is why the disease has historically been so difficult to treat. Until recently, most addiction treatment programs took a more generalized approach to addiction, but we’ve since learned that an individual’s recovery is most successful when the program can address his or her unique needs and preferences. In fact, this is why we’ve been seeing gender-specific treatment for addiction, including the women’s program at Pasadena Recovery Center.
Perhaps a better question to ask is: What needs might a women’s program address that other programs couldn’t? To be clear, despite many of the effects of addiction being the same for women as for men, there are also a number of key differences, too. For instance, studies have shown that women tend to develop addictions faster than their male counterparts. Additionally, women tend to experience more mental and emotional health-related problems that result from alcoholism and drug addiction than men; in other words, women tend to exhibit symptoms of comorbid psychological disorders more frequently than men, which makes dual-diagnosis treatment particularly valuable for women.
Due to societal and cultural circumstances, women have proven to be reluctant to seek treatment for addiction. In many cases, this reluctance stems from feelings of shame at having developed substance abuse problems, or else the reluctance is related to poor self-esteem and low self-worth. Consequently, women’s treatment for addiction tends to emphasize personal empowerment, encourages positive self-image and self-concept, and often incorporates a level of dual-diagnosis support for women who suffer from comorbid mental or emotional illnesses.

What to Expect From Women’s Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, California

As with any high-quality addiction treatment program, our women’s treatment program for addiction has a strong foundation in psychotherapy and individual counseling, otherwise colloquially known as “talk therapy.” The idea of counseling is to help our patients learn what caused their substance abuse problems so as to ensure that those factors don’t lead to relapse in the future. Moreover, counseling and one-on-one psychotherapy often incorporate exercises in empowerment and for strengthening self-esteem.
Group therapy is another key component of our women’s treatment for addiction in Pasadena, California. In group therapy sessions, patients will learn more about the disease of addiction, the journey of recovery, and a variety of practical life skills. Additionally, group therapy is oftentimes the ideal medium for teaching relapse-prevention strategies. Meanwhile, patients have the opportunity to hone their social skills and develop mutually-supportive relationships with other patients and peers.
Of course, we offer a variety of supplemental therapies and even recreational activities for patients to enjoy as part of our women’s treatment for addiction. Recreation can be quite an important part of the recovery process as it helps patients to develop ways of enjoying themselves without resorting to substance abuse. Additionally, recreationally activities have proven to be useful for things like meditation in addition to letting patients blow off some steam and enjoy themselves during their free time.

Women’s Treatment for Addiction at the Pasadena Recovery Center

There’s no right or wrong way to overcome addiction. However, not all addiction treatment programs are created equal. At Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California, our women’s treatment for addiction was designed to meet to particular needs that women often experience with a focus on empowerment, positive self-image, and total wellness.
If you would like to learn more about our women’s addiction treatment program or to inquire about one of our other great programs, call Pasadena Recovery Center at 866-663-3030. We have a staff of experienced recovery specialists available day and night, ready to help you or your loved one take the first steps in the journey to lasting sobriety.

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    Dr. Drew Pinsky
  • Shelly the Shark, she always has the answers to everything. I want to thank you for being so tough on me

    Former Ultimate Fighting Champion Ricco Rodriguez
  • It’s truly been a miraculous journey for me and I remember how hopeless I felt during my early days of recovery at PRC. Bless you for all you do.

    Michael P.
  • I am doing great, still sober. My wife now trusts me with my kids even alone…Life is much better today for me. I took a new role at my job that I absolutely love! I am grateful for PRC and the tools shown to me.

    Arthur Rivera
  • I learned more during last nights Family Program in the 1 hour and 45 minutes than I did in the 30 hours I spent at another Centers Family Program. If I knew then, what I know now we would have been at PRC first

    Jean Campbell-Morgan

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