What Exactly Are Designer Drugs?

What are “designer drugs”? No, it’s not a band – it is a term first made popular during the explosion of the rave

Aug 4

What are “designer drugs”? No, it’s not a band – it is a term first made popular during the explosion of the rave and club scene in the 1990s. The idea was to create synthetic drugs mimicking the effects of older illegal drugs, but with a slightly different chemical structure, in order to stay inside the law.

Altering or blending the properties of illegal drugs, mixing them with chemicals which can be bought over the counter, a new drug is created! Yes, some illegal drugs can be modified at the molecular level, essentially turning a highly regulated substance into a legal one! These copies of the “real” drugs are unfortunately just as dangerous – and maybe even more, since they were never before tested!

Just one of these designer drugs, known as “Molly”, is responsible for more than ten thousand emergency room admissions – in one year. If a chemical is (for now, at least!) considered legal, that does not mean that it is safe! Many people fail to understand his fact!

Since designer drugs are made from legal components, these can be freely imported into the United States. The vast majority is coming from China. The US Customs authorities can do almost nothing to stop them!

Most of these designer drugs are created in home labs or in concealed locations. They are being sold legally since they are marked for purposes other than human consumption, such as plant food or insect repellant (or like notorious “bath salts”).

“Spice” – which is synthetic marijuana, “N-bomb” – synthetic LSD, and some other synthetic drugs were outlawed a few years ago, but the problem remains. New, slightly altered versions are constantly being created in order to replace the banned ones. Older designer drugs readers may have heard of include amphetamines, LSD, GHB, ketamine, rohypnol and ecstasy.

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