What a Solid Substance Abuse Aftercare Plan Looks Like

Addiction is a terrible, frightening mental illness that bullies its host in a manner like that of no other disease. It is on

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Addiction is a terrible, frightening mental illness that bullies its host in a manner like that of no other disease. It is one of the only diseases to exist that literally convinces the addict that it doesn’t exist. This may sound like a cop-out to some, but rest assured that anybody dealing with alcoholic thinking will be quite accustomed to irrationality.

Eventually, for most of us addiction comes to a point of jumping off the ledge or backing off. The beginnings of addiction’s existence stem from a little bit of this turning into a hell of a lot of that. Most don’t ever see it coming. Before most addicts can even recognize their dependency, the powerless and unmanageable ways of the disease have overtaken its vessel. Luckily when all seems helpless, there is a solution if we pull our hands out our pockets and reach for help. Addiction treatment services and a solid substance abuse aftercare plan are the foundation for any healthy addict’s future.

Many of us turn to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous and begin working a program. This “program” as they call it includes the twelve steps, meetings, and sponsorship. A program is essentially a never-ending substance abuse aftercare plan that just gets easier over time. Addiction limits our time on this planet while recovery lengthens it; what’s not to like about that?

A Start With No Stop

The first step to any happy and healthy recovery is to get all the junk out of our systems. This means dropping all the assorted powders, booze, and paraphernalia to the side as we allow our bodies to clean out. The human body adapts to the onslaught of substances we shovel into it, but naturally if doesn’t care for it. As soon as the chemical madness ends, the body will detoxify- pushing all the toxins out as it begins to regulate itself.

Yes, this is all addiction 101 that everybody knows, but it’s important to be thorough when putting together strong substance abuse aftercare. There is action to be made before anything big is going to change.     

Arriving to this point in our lives makes it apparent that our best thoughts and ideas haven’t been trustworthy per say. Grandiosity is a large component that is usually prevalent as we dismiss the advice of others whilst believing every horrible thought we imagine to be truth.   

After taking a few suggestions here and there, we will begin to see the promises coming true like that of which we never could’ve dreamt. Being active in the fellowship community while listening to others can create a future where:

  • Trust Ensues
  • Money is Saved
  • Ambition is Followed
  • True Friendships are Created
  • Happiness is Gained

Some of these may seem like that of a pipe dream, but without a doubt, they are guaranteed aspects of life with a strong substance abuse aftercare plan. Any addict that works a program of Herculean effort will find the joys of recovery beaming at their front door.

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Solid Like a Rock

As we continue to build a substance abuse aftercare plan, we will begin to see a large change in our communication and relationships. Who we talk to and surround ourselves with is a true testament to our character. Minimizing the amount of contact the people from your previous life have with you is crucial. This also includes playtime and going by the same old playgrounds we used to frequent. They need to be eliminated from the picture.

Upon entering recovery our whole routine and way of life makes a drastic change. This for some includes finances, food, and even hobbies. Having manufactured a healthy substance abuse aftercare game plan will allow you to keep a consistent schedule that is conducive to sobriety. A lot of us lost various life skills in our ugly battles with addiction. Picture getting clean as a type of rebirth for some- it’s a new chance to start fresh.

Most substance abuse aftercare plans don’t really begin until after leaving detox/treatment- so you want to stay busy and keep your mind preoccupied. It’s when we are left alone with our thoughts that things can get risky. Mind you this doesn’t happen to be the case for sobriety in its entirety, but more so for newcomers specifically. Any solid game plan walking into recovery will keep you surrounded by people of the same nature. That is one of the most crucial elements to this sobriety thing.  

The China Wall of Sobriety

Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful as the big book chooses to put it. The disease will lurk in the shadows and show itself only when least expected. Creating a substance abuse aftercare plan does any addict or alcoholic wonders. This plan should include anything proactive for your recovery including mentally planning out what program meetings to attend and where. Some people choose to do a treatment continuum with IOP or a regular outpatient program just to stay on their toes. Picking up new hobbies such as exercise, art projects, or even volunteering can be healthy ways to stay active and entertain the mind.

In the end, whether you’re leaving a detoxification, a treatment facility, or are just generally starting off anew in sobriety, the goal is to remain aware. We have to recognize why we feel a specific way or what drives us to do something so irrational at times. If we can learn to quit justifying our actions, most of us have a more than fair shot at this recovery thing.

The Plan Before the Aftercare Plan

Being stuck in the dark is not really enjoyable for anybody. This is especially true when you crave to see the light, but don’t know where to turn. Chemical dependency is an ugly disease that will stop at nothing to ruin anybody’s life whilst keeping them lost in the shadows. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need detoxification, please call 1-866-663-3030 or visit www.pasadenarecoverycenter.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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