Mike Bloom presents the Key To PRC to Dr Drew

We really love Dr Drew… Michael Bloom, Owner/Co Founder, Pasadena Recovery Center presented Dr Drew Pinsky with the “Key To Pasadena Recovery Center” at “An Evening With Dr Drew on Wednesday night November 19th 2014 in appreciation for all the years of service and support that Dr Drew has shown Pasadena Recovery Center and in anticipation of bigger and better things to come of our relationship with him, We love you Dr Drew!!!

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An Evening with Dr Drew at Pasadena Recovery Center November 19 2014

Pasadena Recovery Center hosted an “Evening With Dr Drew” with a standing room only crowd of over 200 guests and PRC residents on Wednesday night November 19th 2014. Dr Drew stopped by PRC on his way from CNN to give us one of his sensational talks on addiction and the process of recovery, answering questions from the audience then rushing off to his nightly live radio show “Loveline”. In case you weren’t able to be here in person you can catch the entire talk on video here.

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Former GUNS N’ ROSES Drummer STEVEN ADLER Says He Has Been Sober For Nine Months

guns-rosesOn October 26, Argentinean rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon conducted an interview with former GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler and Steven’s wife Carolina on the red carpet at an evening of art with Billy Morrison and Joey Feldman benefiting the Rock Against MS foundation at Village Studios in Los Angeles, California. You can watch the chat below.

Asked what he has been up to in recent months, Adler said: “Right now I’m just taking care of myself. I’ve been having these problems with alcohol, and right now I’m just taking care of it. I have a nice program I’m working, and I’m looking forward to having one year [of sobriety]. Right now I’ve got nine months and eighteen days. And then next year I’m gonna start working and getting the band back together… I’m taking care of [my alcohol addiction] — cutting it off at the neck. I’m looking forward to going out and playing again. I have my record, ‘Back From The Dead’ [released under the ADLER band name], which I hope everybody will buy and listen to. And it’s just been very exciting. Having a new life is exciting.”

Little has been heard from ADLER since the band was forced to cancel its summer 2013 tour due to Steven checking into an undisclosed rehabilitation center to continue working on his sobriety.

Adler appeared on season two of on the “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” show and the first season of the spin-off program “Sober House” back in late 2008 and early 2009. Adler then went on to stints in real rehab centers after being ordered to by a judge as part of a DUI bust. He subsequently returned for Season 5 of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” alongside Michael Lohan, Dwight Gooden and Bai Ling, among others.

“Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House” included footage of Adler being arrested on July 18, 2008 after he showed up at a sober-living home high and in possession of heroin.

Steven Adler was the drummer for GUNS N’ ROSES from 1985 to 1990. He was eventually fired from the band due to his drug addiction, which caused him to spiral down into depression and more drug use.

Steven Adler’s autobiography, “My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses”, came out in July 2010. In the book, Adler tells all, fearlessly addressing his struggles with heroin and crack addiction; his financial ruin after being kicked out of GN’R; his shattered marriage; and the severe health problems that nearly claimed his life on several occasions.

ADLER’s debut album, “Back From The Dead”, was released in North America on November 26, 2012 via New Ocean Media.

ADLER is comprised of Adler, frontman Jacob Bunton (LYNAM, MARS ELECTRIC), guitarist Lonny Paul (ADLER’S APPETITE), and bassist Johnny Martin (CHELSEA SMILES).

GUNS N’ ROSES was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012. Adler, Slash and bassist Duff McKagan attended the ceremony, while Axl and founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin stayed home.

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October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month?


Why do we recognize National Substance Abuse Prevention Month?

Every day, far too many Americans are hurt by alcohol and drug abuse. From diminished achievement in our schools to greater risks in our roads and in our communities, to the heartache of lives cut tragically short, the consequences of substance abuse are profound. Yet, we also know that they are preventable.

Preventing drug use before it begins-particularly among young people-is the most cost-effective way to reduce drug use and its consequences. The best approach to reducing the tremendous toll substance abuse exacts from individuals, families and communities is to prevent the damage before it occurs.

The President’s Drug Control Strategy promotes the expansion of national and community-based programs that reach young people in schools, on college campuses, and in the workplace with tailored information to help them make healthy decisions about their future.  In fact, recent research has concluded that every dollar invested in school—based substance use prevention programs has the potential to save up to $18 in costs related to substance use disorders.

This month we pay tribute to all those working to prevent substance abuse in our communities and rededicate ourselves to building a safer, drug-free America.

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#14Days on the Wagon


Nearly 23 million Americans need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports. If you’re not one of these people, chances are you know someone who is.

In response to these staggering numbers, and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled an “epidemic” in the U.S., CBS News is introducing a series, #14Days on the Wagon, to increase awareness about addiction and generate support for those struggling with this life-threatening disease.

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World Famous Sportscaster and Critically Acclaimed Author Pat O’Brien to Speak at Pasadena Recovery Center


Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2014

Pasadena Recovery Center is pleased to welcome world famous sportscaster and author of the critically acclaimed, “I’ll Be Back Right After This,” Pat O’Brien to their groundbreaking speaker series on Wednesday October 8th at 12pm. O’Brien is best known for his work as a sportscaster with CBS Sports, as well as his work as the lead anchor and host of The insider and Access Hollywood. O’Brien covered six Olympic Games, the World Series, the Superbowl, the NBA Finals, the Final Four and has landed the coveted position as one of the most trusted names in sports news.

O’Brien became the face of CBS Sports, as the familiar and omnipresent voice on the sidelines of nearly every major arena throughout the 80s and 90s. O’Brien was a staple on the red carpet, breaking into the world of entertainment coverage with his impressive and extensive work on a plethora of nightly news shows. Pat O’Brien achieved immense respect and acclamation in multiple fields, which led him to the status of A-List in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

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Drug addiction viewed more negatively than mental illness, Johns Hopkins study shows

While both are treatable health conditions, stigma of addiction much more pronounced, seen as ‘moral failing,’ researchers say

Stephanie Desmon and Susan Morrow / October 1, 2014

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People are significantly more likely to have negative attitudes toward those dealing with drug addiction than those with mental illness, a new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research suggests, and generally don’t support insurance, housing, and employment policies that benefit those dependent on drugs.

A report on the findings, which appears in the October issue of the journal Psychiatric Services, suggests that society seems not to know whether to regard substance abuse as a treatable medical condition akin to diabetes or heart disease, or as a personal failing to be overcome.

“While drug addiction and mental illness are both chronic, treatable health conditions, the American public is more likely to think of addiction as a moral failing than a medical condition,” says study leader Colleen L. Barry, an associate professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the School of Public Health. “In recent years, it has become more socially acceptable to talk publicly about one’s struggles with mental illness. But with addiction, the feeling is that the addict is a bad or weak person, especially because much drug use is illegal.”

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White House Drug Policy Acting Director Announces Designation of 26 Cities and Counties as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas

White House Drug Policy Acting Director Announces Designation of 26 Cities and Counties as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas


Cities and Counties will Receive Additional Support from Federal Program Designed to Disrupt Drug Trafficking through Coordinated Approaches to Enforcement


Washington, D.C. –Today, Michael Botticelli, Acting Director of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), announced the designation of 26 additional counties and cities in 11 states as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs). The designations will enable the 26 counties and cities to receive Federal resources to further the coordination and development of drug control efforts among Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement officials. It also will allow local agencies to benefit from ongoing HIDTA-coordinated initiatives working to reduce drug use and its consequences across the United States.


The newly designated cities and counties were added to the following HIDTAs:

  • ·         Appalachia HIDTA

o   Madison County, Kentucky

o   Nelson County, Kentucky

o   Tazewell County, Virginia

o   Harrison County, West Virginia

  • ·         Central Florida HIDTA

o   Pasco County, Florida

  • ·         Central Valley California HIDTA

o   Siskiyou County, California

o   Trinity County, California

  • ·         Houston HIDTA

o   Brazoria County, Texas

  • ·         New England HIDTA

o   Rockingham County, New Hampshire

  • ·         New York/New Jersey HIDTA

o   Dutchess County, New York

o   Putnam County, New York

o   Rockland County, New York

o   Chautauqua County, New York

  • ·         Oregon HIDTA

o   Ada County, Idaho

o   Canyon County, Idaho

o   Malheur County, Oregon

  • ·         Rocky Mountain HIDTA

o   Gallatin, Montana

  • ·         Texoma HIDTA

o   Potter County, Texas

o   Randall County, Texas

  • ·         Washington/Baltimore HIDTA

o   Berkeley County, West Virginia

o   Chesapeake, Virginia

o   Hampton, Virginia

o   Newport News, Virginia

o   Norfolk, Virginia

o   Portsmouth, Virginia

o   Virginia Beach, Virginia

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US drug czar promotes shift to treatment-driven strategy by telling own story about addiction


  • Article by: DAVE KOLPACK , Associated Press

“We are actually spending more now on domestic public health strategies than we are on incarceration strategies,” Botticelli said. “There’s a large acknowledgement that we can’t arrest and incarcerate our way out of the problem.”


MINOT, N.D. — As the nation’s drug czar continues to warn people about the potential death and destruction from substance abuse, he’s also encouraging them to tell their stories about treatment and recovery. Usually he starts with himself.

Michael Botticelli, acting director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, also embraces another title: “I’m one of 23 million Americans in recovery who have gone on to live productive lives.”

He has been sober for a quarter of a century. He has been drug czar for a quarter of a year.

“We’ve been encouraging, not just with me, but with other people, to tell their stories,” Botticelli said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press. “Tell me a family that hasn’t been affected by substance abuse. I haven’t met one.”

Botticelli, who was in North Dakota to announce updates to the administration’s northern border control policy and focus on combating drug crimes in the oil patch, said his office has seen a dramatic shift from a justice-driven strategy to a treatment-driven one. Federal funding for prevention, treatment and recovery is at its highest level in 12 years, he said.

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What We Can Do about Depression

blogheader-copyBy Ken Duckworth, NAMI Medical Director

Rest in Peace Robin. We shall all miss you.

6451507269_b5ecde6802_oI am one of many who would say that Robin Williams was among my favorite actors.  His portrayal of a psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting is my all-time favorite. A colleague of mine told me her kids said to her last night, “Mrs. Doubtfire is dead.” They were crushed by this news which seemed so unbelievable based on their experience of the character. He was a figure that transcended generations. It was a very sad day for many, and my heart goes out to his family, who will bear the incredible pain of his death long after the news cycle ends.


I recalled that he had a history of struggles, but I was still shocked to hear that he had died by suicide. He was a genius and had many supports. But of course depressiondoesn’t calculate those things. Severe depression distorts rational thinking and can lead to the fixed idea that hopelessness and pain are to be your experience forever. I have heard this from patients who have lived after suicide attempts. They told me they had lost all perspective and simply wanted to end their pain. They often reported simply losing a sense that they mattered to other people and forgot that they too were loved.

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