Pasadena Recovery Center Alumni Group

PRC Alumni Group is once again gaining momentum, raising money, growing in recovery!

Our PRC Alumni Group was formed in order to provide support and encouragement for current residents of Pasadena Recovery Center. Past PRC clients realize the importance of staying close to the program and each other to help them stay clean and sober while also enjoying the fun and benefits of sobriety. We remember the often terrifying experience of being in rehab, along with the uncertainty of the future.

At PRC, we’re moving forward with fundraising efforts and plans for future events benefiting current residents, such as a Memorial Day BBQ, 4th of July and other holiday celebrations and movie outings. As a group, we want others to be comfortable sharing their experiences, strengths and hopes with residents and families, and more.


The Alumni Group is open to all former residents who have successfully completed the program at PRC and are currently clean and sober. We realize relapse is often part of the disease. If relapse is a part of your story you as still welcome – as long as you are back on the road to recovery.

If you are a former client and are interested in joining The PRC Alumni Group or if you would like to support the Alumni Group, please send an email with your contact information to:

Alumni Groups recent fundraiser car wash was held at PRC April 5th. More fundraising opportunities coming.

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Prescription Drug Guide

download (4)< Click this photo for the Drug Guide

Teen medicine abuse is an epidemic – one that is not poised to get better. But there are steps we can all take, starting with getting educated about the types of medicine that teens frequently abuse, you can take the first step in helping to end medicine abuse.


Here, you can learn about the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that teens are most commonly abusing, including what they look like, their street or slang names, how they’re taken and what the potential side effects are.

drugfree_site_logo< Click this Logo for more info from Drug Free.

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PRC Speaker Series Presents – Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, M.D.

Join us for this spectacular event.

Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, M.D.

Physician Director of the Betty Ford Foundation!

Wednesday May 14th at noon.

dr harryHarry L.  Haroutunian MD, known by all his patients as “Dr. Harry,” is an internationally known speaker on the topics of Addictive Disease and its treatment.  Dr. Harry has developed the “Recovery 101” lecture series on topics of Addiction Medicine, Recovery Issues, Communication Skills and Relapse Prevention.  Dr. Haroutunian is a physician, educator and internationally known lecturer and entrepreneur.   He is the author of “BEING SOBER” and co-author of “HIJACKING THE BRAIN”.


Dr. Haroutunian serves as Physician Director at the Betty Ford Foundation where he has contributed to the development of programs that include: Extended Care Program; Family Program; Licensed Professional Program and Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation Program; Residential Day Treatment and Business Development.  He participated with the merger of Betty Ford Center and Hazelden: “Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation” with the transition team and continues to be a valued member of the team.


He practiced medicine in Vermont for more than thirty years and is Board Certified in

Addiction Medicine and Board Certified in Family Medicine.   He is a regular contributor to WebMD, answering many questions from families and individuals with inquires about addiction.


He serves on many committees devoted to Physician Health and Recovery, including the Pharmacy and Therapeutic and Medical Education Committees.  Dr. Haroutunian is also on several advisory boards: (ABA) Substance Use Advisory Board for Attorney’s; (SAB) North Venture Partner Scientific Advisory Board; California Nurses Educational Institute Advisory Board; (CPPH) California Public Protection & Physician Health, Inc. and (SAAC) Substance Abuse Advisory Committee.

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Inside Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Quiet Descent Into Addiction

People Magazine


02/05/2014 at 08:00 AM EST


Among friends and locals in his longtime West Village neighborhood, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was known as a low-key fixture, a family man who rarely drew attention.

But in the wake of the Oscar winner’s death at 46 on Feb. 2 of an apparent heroin overdose – and an arrest of those suspected of selling him the heroin – some who knew him say Hoffman had two sides.

“He’d go over to Oliver’s restaurant with his [10-year-old] son, Cooper,” a neighborhood friend tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “They’d have lunch, and you’d see them talking and laughing for hours at a time.”

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Kristen Johnston at Pasadena Recovery Center

Kristen Johnston will be at Pasadena Recovery Center on March 12th noon

Kristen Johnston


Sharing about her recent New York Times Best Seller, “Guts” 

GUTS is a beautifully-written and deeply personal memoir that is simultaneously tragic, hysterical, sweet, and heartbreakingly honest. Johnston’s intimate narrative is distinctly her own as she describes her poignant and painful decent into addiction—and yet she manages to tell her story without an ounce of self-pity or blame. Her brutally incisive wit drives her story, which begins with her torment in Catholic Grade school for being “A Freak” (she was 6 feet by age twelve), and covers everything from her rise to overnight fame to her stunningly frank opinions of “celebrity.” But make no mistake, this is not simply a book about addiction, fame, or sobriety. This is a book about someone who started their life over in their late 30’s. Someone who found the courage to change their life, accept their flaws and become, as she puts it, “A brave, decent person. Someone I might actually like.”

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Don’t miss this opportunity, RSVP to or by calling 626-389-9730


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