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Designer drugs are created in an underground laboratory using a mix of synthetic substances. In some cases, these drugs are derivatives of plant-base drugs like cocaine or marijuana, while other times they are designed to merely mimic the effects of these drugs. Designer drugs can be even more dangerous, since the illegal labs that make them can put just about any substance in the mix. In some cases, cleaning chemicals and even poisons have been detected in some designer drugs.


The Attraction of Designer Drugs

Despite their dangers, designer drugs continue to be widely used today for a variety of reasons:


  • These drugs often bypass police detection, making them easier to circulate
  • Some claim to eliminate unwanted side effects of the original drug
  • Some offer a greater intoxicating effect than the original drug
  • They are commonly found in night clubs and at raves (earning them the nickname “club drugs”)


There are a number of different types of designer drugs today, but they all have one thing in common. Because they are made illegally, there is no way of knowing exactly what is inside. The potency can change and other ingredients that have been added could prove even more deadly than the original drugs. New designer drugs have also been developed, boasting side effects even more dangerous and disturbing.


Types of Designer Drugs

Some of the most common designer drugs found today include:


Ecstasy – MDMA or ecstasy is one of the most popular drugs on the club circuit, due to its ability to decrease stress and increase feelings of euphoria. It also raises heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature and can lead to liver and kidney failure and death.


LSD – This mood altering drug sends users on mind-altering “trips,” which can result in flashbacks even months after the drug was used. LSD is also associated with panic, long-term psychosis and an increased risk of a fatal accident while under the drug’s influence.


Ketamine – This powerful anesthetic gives users a separation of perception from sensation, which leads to a dreamlike sensation of being outside the body. Users may also experience depressed breathing, which can lead to coma and death.


Rohypnol – This sedative also causes some users to experience partial amnesia while under its influence, which has contributed to its nickname the “date rape” drug. In can also depress breathing to the point of death.


Methamphetamine – Meth is another popular designer drug that has devastating effects on many users. This stimulant is one of the most addictive of all designer drugs with some people getting hooked after just one use.


Bath Salts – This group of drugs is known as cathinones, which produce a high similar to amphetamines. These stimulants can cause a host of effects, including paranoia, hallucinations and delirium.


Introducing Flakka    

Flakka is one of the newest designer drugs to hit the streets and may also be one of the most dangerous. This synthetic drug causes what is known as “excited delirium,” which is characterized by dangerous increases in body temperature that can be followed by kidney failure and death. The drug is also a powerful hallucinogen that can cause aggression and violence in addition to the loss of awareness and reality. The drug was first making headlines in Ohio, Texas and Florida, but the effects are beginning to spread across the country.


Nearly all designer drugs are addictive and can take a profound toll on the body. If you or someone you know is struggling with designer drug addiction, do not wait to seek help. Contact Pasadena Recovery Center today at 866-663-3030 to get the facts and help you need to turn away from your designer drug addiction before it is too late.

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