Activities for a Sober Summer

Summer is officially here, but for some in recovery, the season can be filled with more than a little trepidation. If you are

Jun 13

Summer is officially here, but for some in recovery, the season can be filled with more than a little trepidation. If you are early in your recovery, you may remember how you spent last summer, sitting by the pool or on the patio drinking or using. Even if you are well into your recovery process, summer brings a host of unique situations and temptations as the social season revs into full gear. Get ready to support your recovery all summer long by planning ahead for activities that will allow you to embrace the season without threatening your sobriety.

Go Water Wild

Summer at the pool takes on a whole new meaning when you visit a local water park. Between the mega slides, lazy rivers and water rides, you won’t have time to hang out poolside with a drink in your hand. Get a group of sober friends together and spend a day at your favorite park taking in all the attractions. If you are not a fan of water, opt for a day at the family fun center, complete with go-carts, laser tag or miniature golf.

Find Your Inner Jock

Summer sports leagues are abundant, so find one for the sport you like best. You may even be able to find a group that supports athletes in recovery, which puts you on a team with others that are working through their recovery. A little bit of healthy competition will likely keep you on the right track as you have to keep yourself in shape for the season. Plus the endorphins you release during the physical activity will keep you feeling good throughout those warm summer months.

Shop Al Fresco

Farmer’s and flea markets tend to be a popular pastime this time year. You may also find outdoor craft fairs or art festivals to visit. These shopping sprees will get you out in the fresh air and keep you busy so you don’t feel like you should be kicking back with a drink or your substance of choice. If you spend the morning at a farmer’s market, you will also come home with healthy fare that will keep you on the right track with your nutrition plan.

Learn Something New

The laid back summer months are often the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Maybe this is the year you try your hand at gardening or take up a new adventure activity like kayaking or mountain biking. You can also find groups to learn to paint, knit, write or do woodworking. A sober book club is another good option that gives you a chance to read a new book every month and meet with others in a sober environment for discussion.

Get Your Java On

Maybe you spent previous summers hanging out on bar patios. This year, find a coffee shop with outdoor tables that gives you a chance to observe the sights while sipping a delectable beverage. You might even find a local coffee place to host a recovery meeting or book club over the summer season. You get the benefit of a new hangout and a whole menu of coffees and teas to enjoy.

Summer can be a difficult season for many in recovery, but maintaining your sobriety doesn’t have to mean giving up all your warm weather fun. While planning these new sober activities, make sure you keep up with your meetings and always have your sponsor’s number handy when you head out for your summer social occasions. With a little planning and some new adventures to explore, you can make it through summer with your sobriety intact.

To learn more about how to have a safe and sober summer, contact Pasadena Recovery Center today at 866-663-3030.

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