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As a holistic approach to addiction treatment has proven more powerful than traditional methods alone, a variety of complementary or adjunct treatments has been introduced. These options are designed to work with traditional treatment methods and not in place of them. One of the adjunct therapies that has proven quite effective for many in addiction treatment is yoga. Available at Pasadena Recovery Center, there are numerous reasons why yoga has proven to be a powerful tool in the battle against addiction.

The Mind Body Connection

While addiction serves to disconnect the mind/body connection, yoga restores that relationship in a profound way. As you learn to focus on specific areas of the body during your exercises, you tune into the way your body is functioning and areas that are not working as well. Through yoga, you can retrain your mind to focus, improving your ability to complete tasks as well as care for your body properly.

Benefits of Yoga

There are numerous ways yoga can enhance your recovery process, becoming a life-changer as well as a game-changer for many struggling to overcome substance abuse and dependency. Benefits of incorporating yoga into your recovery plan include:

Develop control over stress and anxiety

Yoga teaches you to take command of your body through postures and meditation. This triggers the relaxation response that lowers blood pressure and heart rate. The process also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which offers numerous healthy benefits for the mind and the body.

Improve self-discipline through regular sessions

Self-discipline is not something most people in recovery can master easily, but yoga facilitates the process as you adhere to a workout schedule that puts structure in your days and weeks.

Increase self-confidence and sense of self-worth

Low self-esteem is a common challenge of those that struggle with addiction and often one of the primary reasons behind relapse. Yoga teaches participants to take responsibility for their actions, which is a first step in overcoming low self-esteem. In addition, the ability to push through even the toughest sessions and to see the positive results of those workouts increase your self-confidence over time.

Allows you to see the world around you

Addiction becomes a world completely centered on drugs or alcohol. Yoga takes you out of that world more efficiently than many other adjunct treatment methods by helping you first reconnect with your body and then with the world around you.

Teaches you to be present in your life

Yoga is one of the best ways to learn the fine art of focus, allowing you to be present in your daily activities once again. Instead of focusing on the next time you will drink or use, you are concentrated on each breath and each movement of the body. From there, you will find you can be more connected to those people and activities in your life that had been put aside because of your addiction.

Yoga at Pasadena Recovery Center

With many potential benefits, Pasadena Recovery Center offers regular yoga sessions as an option for our clients to provide additional support in the recovery process. We have a full schedule of both traditional and adjunct treatments to give our clients every opportunity to embrace sobriety and enjoy long-term recovery. To learn more, contact Pasadena Recovery Center today at 866-663-3030.

The Experience

Admissions Process

Many people find the very idea of entering a rehab facility daunting. We at the Pasadena Recovery Center want to ease your fears and assure you that we will be here with you every step of the way. Many people believe that the hardest step is the very first one – contacting us – and then it gets progressively easier.

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Typical Day

A typical day at PRC consists of specialized groups such as Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Relationships, Relapse Prevention, Gratitude Group, Groups hosted by Mackenzie Phillips, Gary Richman, and more. Also you’ll get one-on-one counseling sessions with our specialized treatment team, as well as family sessions.

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Expert Speakers Series

At the Pasadena Recovery Center we regularly bring in community leaders and addiction experts to educate our residents, alumni and staff. For example, the Nation’s top drug official, Gil Kerlikowske (photo right), spoke about the California marijuana legalization ballot measure (Prop. 19) prior to the 2010 election.

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